Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswami gave another interview on Wednesday, in which his approach to facts came under scrutiny

Speaking to CNN anchor Dana Bash in Miami after the third Republican Party debate in the 2024 election race, Ramaswami first floated the idea that the Democratic Party is "dishonest" about who its "candidate" will be, adding, "We all quietly acknowledge that it's unlikely to be Joe Biden." He then claimed, "I've exposed Hunter Biden's corruption in Ukraine and a $5 million bribe, and I will continue to do so." Bash pointed out that CNN had previously fact-checked the alleged bribe, saying, "You're making an accusation without any evidence to support it." The Republican Party candidate stated that there is "plenty of circumstantial evidence and witness testimony to support it" and pledged to continue criticizing corruption in both parties. "But you just acknowledged there is no evidence," Bash responded.