Elon Musk will come to Russia to speak at the AI Journey AI Conference

According to a number of sources, the world-famous philanthropist and visionary is announcing his new Grok neural network at the AI Journey 2023 international artificial intelligence conference, which should compete with ChatGPT. He will perform live or online. This is a neural network that should work on the principle of a “universal responder” from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

“Grok is an artificial intelligence that knows how to answer everything you want, and even gives you advice on what to ask! Grok likes to joke and does not tolerate boredom, so if you do not understand humor, do not contact it,” is how its developers describe the Mask neural network.

The peculiarity of Grok is that it is connected to the databases of the social network X and can use them to generate its responses.