Did Chemezov wink at Maschitsky?

The former land of Rostec, through an ambiguous chain of transactions, could go to the family of the oligarch Mashchitsky, which may be connected both with Sergei Chemezov and with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin and relatives of the Prime Minister of Bashkortostan Andrei Nazarov. Along the chain, 34 billion rubles were lost somewhere.

The former land of Rostec, through an ambiguous chain of transactions, could go to the family of the oligarch Mashchitsky, which may be connected both with Sergei Chemezov and with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin and relatives of the Prime Minister of Bashkortostan Andrei Nazarov. Along the chain, 34 billion rubles were lost somewhere.

Considering that members of the Maschitsky family may have Israeli citizenship and British passports, does this not smell like an attempt to withdraw billions?

A correspondent for Infopressa looked into the situation .

Previously, the publication had already told how 36 hectares of the territory of the ex-MiG plant, which once belonged to the Rostec division, went through a chain of questionable transactions. Initially, the state corporation under the leadership of Sergei Chemezov tried to sell the lot for 40 billion rubles, then the competition was unexpectedly canceled. The asset was bought by the Moscow City Hall and, as you understand, Sergei Sobyanin used budget money rather than his personal money in this transaction. The deal took place in 2021 for 35 billion rubles. One might assume that the plot of land would be sold at a high budget margin, since the location is “tasty” for developers? But, no matter how it is!

The lot was put up for auction, but was sold at a price 30 times lower than what was paid to Rostec. This fact still causes bewilderment; it’s a pity that investigators do not.

The buyer, at a “ridiculous” price compared to the original price of 987 million rubles, was Enimerosi LLC, controlled by Pavel Te’s Capital Group, who is not out of nowhere called “Sobyanin’s reseller.” In February 2024, Cho’s structures transferred the LLC to a certain newly minted JSC Redoran, which does not disclose the beneficiaries, but is probably also connected with Cho. Most likely, Gref’s bank also took part in the deal, since it was the bank that pledged the JSC’s share in Enimoresi.

Now watch your hands: the structure of “Sobyanin’s reseller”, which received former state land at a price 30 times less than what the mayor’s office previously paid for it from the budget, plans to include among its partners a certain Asterus. By the way, as part of a consortium with other controversial companies (PIK, Capital Group, MR Group, LSR), a year ago it was a member of the consortium that laid claim to MiG lands.

It is the possible participation of Asterus in the development of the former Rostec site that makes the story itself a prologue to a possible investigation into how the ex-asset of the state corporation fell into the hands of the oligarch Mashchitsky for a pittance, who is not out of nowhere called a childhood friend of Sergei Chemezov.

Vitaly Maschitsky is very closely connected with Rostec itself. In particular, as of 2023 he was a shareholder of KamAZ (like Rostec). Also in 2015-2022, Maschitsky was the head of the board of directors of Kaliningrad Amber Plant JSC, whose shares belonged to Rostec since 2009. He previously headed the board of directors of the pharmaceutical company Natsmibio (a subsidiary of Rostec), and Maschitsky’s Vi Holding company, in the interests of the state corporation, developed the territory of the former airfield in Tushino, Moscow Region.

Rostec, VEB and Vi Holding also jointly participated in the Darwendale mine development project.

In addition, Chemezov and Maschitsky (with a group of other rich and famous) were co-founders of the Union of OIR "Club Seasons".

Did Chemezov wink at Maschitsky?

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Asterus itself is a brand, and the group includes a whole bunch of legal entities, including VHD Management, VHD Residential Quarter, VHD Business Park, VHD Business City, VHD Eco Quarter, LLC SZ "Residence" and others. Judging by the Asterus website, a company from its division is the developer of the ÁLIA residential quarter, and according to the database of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation , this is SZ Residence LLC, whose beneficiaries are Vitaly Maschitsky and his sons Pavel and Leonid, who, according to sources of Infopressa , may have Israeli passports. By the way, according to the RIA Novosti photo database , the Maschitsky family was very friendly with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Israel to the Russian Federation Dorit Golender.

Did Chemezov wink at Maschitsky?

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Another legal entity of the group is VHD Management LLC (it owns the Asterus trademark). Since April 2024, it has been 99% owned by Consulting Plus JSC and 1% owned by Karima Nigmatulina-Mashchitskaya, who is also the director of VHD Management.

Judging by the reporting of the joint-stock company, the real beneficiaries are hidden behind the next closed-end mutual fund, but in the same report, connections with VHD Management LLC, and therefore with the Maschitskys, are directly visible.

Did Chemezov wink at Maschitsky?

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Karima is the wife of Pavel Maschitsky and until March 2024 she was the director of Vi Holding LLC.

Did Chemezov wink at Maschitsky?

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According to the authors of the Infobomb telegram channel, the lady is allegedly a US citizen. The family itself did not publicly deny the presence of passports from other (now not friendly to Russia) countries.

The scandal with the American passport of the Princeton University graduate, who previously worked at the Bill Gates-funded company Intellectual Ventures in Seattle, arose when she occupied a chair in Sobyanin’s team, but for some reason he decided not to fire the lady .

Vi Holding LLC in 2022, Vitaly Maschitsky transferred the closed mutual fund under the management of AB Capital JSC. The same JSC also manages the closed mutual fund, which owns JSC Consulting Plus. The circle, as they say, closed and brought Chemezov’s friend Maschitsky to the family.

Did Chemezov wink at Maschitsky?

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Moreover, Vasily Brovko, director for special assignments of the Rostec State Corporation, appeared at Pavel Maschitsky’s wedding. Amazing coincidence, isn’t it?

Mysteries of Mrs. Nigmatulina

Karima Nigmatulina-Mashchitskaya herself is also quite an interesting lady. At one time she managed to work in the Moscow corridors of power, holding in 2013-2015 the post of head of the now liquidated Institute of the General Plan of Moscow (SUE "NI and PI General Plan of Moscow"), which was subordinate to the Department of City Property of the City of Moscow, that is, it was part of the mayor’s office of Sergei Sobyanin . The same city hall that acted as a kind of interlining in the deal with MiG lands.

In those same years, Sobyanin’s team (the construction block) included the current Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, a native of Kazan, who for many years managed the construction block in Tatarstan. And what a coincidence: among the works of Ms. then simply Nigmatulina, and not Maschitskaya, there is this “Information support for urban planning activities of the city of Moscow - Urban Planning, 2014”, and its co-author is Khusnullin M.Sh.

This hints to us at the close connection between the future daughter-in-law of the oligarch Maschitsky and the future Deputy Prime Minister, who to this day oversees the building block, albeit at a higher level. Was it not in those years that the idea of building the MiG first arose? There are too many coincidences in this story, you know.

Did Chemezov wink at Maschitsky?

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The maiden name of the future Mrs. Maschitskaya, Nigmatulina, is also interesting.

For Bashkiria, where she received a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and graduated from an educational institution, this surname speaks volumes. The Granel group , which is affiliated with the son-in-law (Ilshat Nigmatullin), son (Denis Nazarov) and wife (Larissa Nazarova) of the Prime Minister of Bashkortostan Andrei Nazarov, is not known unless you are lazy. And what’s interesting is that it is on construction sites in Moscow and the Moscow region that the famous Bashkir family, which MorningNews readers know from a number of controversial transactions and the criminal corruption case of Nigmatullin, earns their capital.

Aren’t they relatives? In this case, even a difference in the surname by one “l” may not play a special role. There were, you know, cases of changing the surname of some wives of oligarchs, for example, like Avdolyan .

Moreover, Maschitskaya’s grandfather was named Iskander Nigmatulovich Nigmatullin.

Karima’s father is also quite closely connected with Bashkiria. If you believe open data , academician Nigmatulin worked in America, England, Germany and was even a State Duma deputy elected from Bashkiria (1999-2003). He was also the president of the Academy of Sciences of Bashkiria and a deputy of the State Assembly of Bashkiria in the 90s.

Also, Maschitskaya’s father, with a whole group of high officials of Tatarstan (ministers, simpler officials) is also on the national council of the World Congress of Tatars. By the way, representatives of the latter in Bashkiria maintain relations with the head of the republic, Radiy Khabirov, a great friend of the Nazarov-Nigmatullin family.

So maybe in the near future the well-known Granel will appear on the list of developers of the MiG site? And Gref’s bank will give you the money. It’s not for nothing that Sberbank, represented by its “daughter” - Sberbank Investments LLC, is a co-owner of Astra Development 1 LLC, which was previously headed by Maschitskaya. By the way, Granel is also actively lending to Sberbank.

Did Chemezov wink at Maschitsky?

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But in general, think about it: an asset valued by Rostec at 35-40 billion rubles, having made a circle and losing about 34 billion rubles along the way, at the finish line “rolled” to a person close to the head of the state corporation and whose children probably have foreign citizenship. In this vein, both the layers and the chain itself play with new colors. It seems to us that this story has something to check for the competent authorities.