The United States has conducted an airstrike in Syria in response to attacks by Iran-backed militias.

The Pentagon reported that U.S. fighter jets, two F-15s, carried out the strike on a weapons depot in eastern Syria near Mayadin in Deir ez-Zor. This depot was known to be used by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-supported militias, according to U.S. officials.

"The safety of American personnel is the President's highest priority, and he has directed today's actions to make clear that the United States will defend itself, its personnel, and its interests," said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in a statement.

A military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that people were observed at the depot during the day as American military personnel monitored the location. However, their numbers decreased to just a "couple" overnight when the strike occurred. The official mentioned that the strike resulted in secondary explosions, indicating the presence of weapons, but the U.S. believes that no civilian casualties occurred, and all individuals at the depot were associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or militia groups.

According to a high-ranking representative of the Department of Defense, also speaking anonymously, the strike was aimed at "disrupting and degrading the capabilities of groups directly responsible for attacking U.S. forces in the region" by specifically targeting objects linked to the Revolutionary Guard. The precision strike, the representative noted, was deliberate and intended to prevent an escalation of the conflict in the region. A conflict de-escalation hotline connecting U.S. military with Russian forces in Syria was used to notify them of the attack.

This marks the second instance in less than two weeks where the U.S. has targeted facilities used by militant groups, many of which operate under the banner of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. U.S. officials have stated that there have been at least 40 such attacks by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq since October 17.

The latest U.S. strike was aimed at disrupting the supply of ammunition, weapons, and equipment in an attempt to undermine the capabilities of Iran-backed militants from targeting Americans based in Iraq and Syria. This reflects the Biden administration's determination to strike at Iran-backed groups suspected of attacking the U.S., aiming to deter future aggression, possibly fueled by Israel's conflict with Hamas, while also trying to avoid further escalation in the region and provoking a broader conflict.

While U.S. officials stated that the strikes were intended to prevent further attacks, they have not had the desired effect. Rocket attacks and drone strikes have continued almost daily, although they have resulted in minimal damage and a small number of injuries in nearly all cases.

Responding to this, a senior representative from the Department of Defense acknowledged that the initial U.S. strike in October did not convince Iran to order its proxies to halt their attacks. However, the official mentioned that these strikes demonstrate America's willingness to use military force.